Full Moon marks a peak in action.

It’s a great moment for manifestation, achievement, and conclusion.

And it’s a great moment to express yourself, be grateful.

This is where we are celebrating what we’ve achieved.

Full Moon is a time of celebration and gratitude.

We’re highly active. We’ve accomplished something.

When the moon is fully illuminated and glowing in the sky, the energy is at its peak. We feel like going out, celebrating, partying, connecting. We’re highly creative and very expansive. We’re manifesting things, relationships, projects and the live we want. We’re outgoing and fully open. 

Full Moon phase is a good moment to:

  •  Reap results of the First Quarter Moon planning
  •  Acknowledge small and big win
  •  Make a deal
  •  Start a new collaboration
  •  Sign a contract
  •  Manifest a goal
  •  Celebrate Life
  •  Harvest positive outcome
  •  Create powerful collaborations
  •  Be thankful for all you have
  •  Socialize
  •  Celebrate your progress and your success
  •  Make positive changes in your life
  •  Give blessings
  •  Cultivate/practice gratitude

At this moment awareness is turned outward and you’re achieving and manifesting what you’ve planned.

Every lunar month you have an opportunity reconnect and re-engage with your dreams/passions/visions and start anew.

So what about your next New Moon Intentions/Goals/Resolutions that fits in the bigger goals?

Or do you want to wait for the New Year to set goals?

You can find my method of working, living and playing with the Moon Cycles in the Digital Calendar I’ve created. It’s part Ebook with the info and part calendar in an A4 format.

To get ready for New Year’s planning, get your calendar here with the 30% discount code “MOTIVATED”.

Do you plan and organize your life, your biz, your passion?

What system/method do you use?

Let me know in the comments below.

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