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Moon Cycles eBook

This playful “2 Simple Steps for a Balanced Life with the Moon cycles” eBook will help you to start connecting and living with the Moon cycles for more wellness and joy.

It’s an easy read with my artist illustrations of the Moon.

Perfect for a first contact with the Moon cycles.

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Stress Relief Breath

This is a powerful breathing technique that I personnaly use and teach to manage a state of busyness and sudden stress.

In this video, you will learn how to practice this breathing exercice to release the pressure and ease moments of stress and challenge.

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Be Present Meditation

This is a simple yet transformative small meditation to help you be in the present moment et relax from all the stresses of daily life.

Give yourself 5 minutes and be refreshed and empowered to continue to move forward with a renewed energy.

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3 Sun Salutations Move & Breathe

Get your 3 Sun Salutation video that take only 15 minutes to practice every day. 
These Sun Salutation are Sivananda Hatha Yoga Style

The first one is the total beginners Sun Salutation

The second and the third ones take you deeper in the postures.

Practice 3 Sun Salutations per day to feel well & great.

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New Moon Ritual

This is a 10-minute New Moon Ritual to be done on each New Moon to set your intentions for the new Moon cycle and bring positive changes in your life.

It’s time to manifest your kind of life, your freedom and abundant life, your Modern Goddess Life.


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