Moon Calendar 2022

A playful moon calendar for the Modern Woman who likes astrology, a bit of
“woo woo”ness but not too much and who’s ready
to create her most beautiful life, her Modern Goddess Life!

A practical wellness tool to organize your days, months & year around the energy of the Moon cycles, the seasons and the zodiac influences.

All you need to start creating & enjoying your Modern Goddess Life 😉

a life you truly love with more free time, more wellness, more balance & joy !

Universal Calendar 

“My Moon Calendar” can be used in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere and any time zone.

Time is in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and you have a time zome map to convert UTC to your country’s time.

Wherever you are on our beautiful planet Earth, you can use “My Moon Calendar”! 😉

Moon Sun Stars Vibes

“My Moon Calendar” is in a Gregorian calendar format (with 12 calendars months – January to December). 

It contains the dates & times of the 4 main Moon phases + Void-of course-Moon, the Zodiac Signs the Moon travels through, the Seasonal Days (Solstices, Equinoxes & Cross Quarter Days), the Zodiac seasons and Planet Retrogrades. 

“My Moon Calendar” has 12 Energy Trackers aligned with the Moon cycles, 12 monthly Affirmations pages aligned with the Zodiac seasons and 17 Goals pages aligned with the Moon, the Sun & the Stars to create short 2 to 5 minutes daily, monthly + quartely wellness rituals for an empowering, thriving & positive, beautiful Modern Goddess Life with freedom, beauty and joy.

“My Moon Calendar 2022 – International

My Moon Calendar 2022 includes your digital copy (PDF) to be downloaded & printed with video tutorials + live Q&A calls (Bundle).

“My Moon Calendar 2022” – Mauritius

My Moon Calendar 2022 is available in Mauritius as a digital download with Bundle (including video tutorials). 

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