End of Year Ritual

Your End of Year Ritual to close 2021, celebrate the good & let go of all mistakes & losses.

Release 2021 with lightness & joy.

Make room for 2022 and open up to infinite possibilities.

Take a moment for yourself. Take stock of the year and close 2021.

Your ritual includes 3 worksheets (PDF) to be printed and a 60-minute video.

 Get your End of Year Ritual and feel the clarity, the lighteness & the freedom.


Your End of Year Ritual – Paypal Payment

 Immediate access.

You’ll receive an email from the Modern Goddess Academy.

Check your email inbox and your spams & promotions tabs too if you don’t see our email.

End of Year Ritual – Payment in mauritian rupees

For the payment in mauritian rupees, we’ll need to give you access manually. Please count 48 hours max to receive a coupon code & link to your Ritual by email. Thanks for your understanding.

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