About Me

Your Life & Yoga Coach

I know you have your own kind of beauty and gifts and you want + must express & share these!!! You’re one of a kind! 🥰
I also know you have a busy life & tons of responsabilities as a Modern Woman. I do too, and I’ve created simple tools and methods that transform our Modern Woman’s Life into a Modern Goddess Life, a life we truly love. I can’t wait to share these with you!!!

So, I help Modern Women with a business/career/passion (like me! 🤩) to journey forward gracefully and confidently in today’s stressful world with a renewed and positive energy.
I share simple knowledge & wisdom + offer practical guidance to create small shifts that lead to big positive life transformations.

I’m also an Artist… 😉

I’m multipassionalte, I paint, I write, I design stuffs… and it’s challenging to be an entrepreneur because I just want to create all day 🤪and have to focus on selling & marketing too. I run a small biz! 😉

I love everything about beauty and I also enjoy simple life pleasure like a cup of tea or walking barefoot. I looove deep conversations, you know the real kind of talks + I love laughing loud and until my jaws hurt and I cry…
I love people. People of different cultures, colors, beliefs… I specialy love the weird ones, the sensible ones, the excentric, independant, poetic and wild ones…

My Sun is in Libra (just appreciate everything about beauty), my Moon in Sagittarius (my need for independance) and my Rising in Capricorn (I’m a bit stuborn and determined which helps me complete my projects that the Libra in me just want to start & then explore other things…)

I love things that are a bit woo woo but not too much. 

My favorites values are freedom, kindness and creativity.

I was born and I live + work on the island of Mauritius. You know island of the Dodo, this kind of big tropical chicken/bird.

I’m the creator of the Moon Sun Stars Calendar (previouly named the Feel-Good Calendar with the Moon, the Sun & the Stars). 
It’s a cool little tool to organize your live around the rhythms of nature & your own nature. You can get yours here.

I have a son who will be turning 18 soon. The most beautiful gift I received in this lifetime, forever grateful, and I’m an imperfect mum.

I’ve missed the women’s community as I was growing up and I’m fed up of the competitivty and jealousy amongts women. I want to change that and truly believe we can bloom next to each other. Each of us is so very special & unique.

I want to help you focus on the best in you and unfold into your most beautiful version + enjoy a life that is more connected to nature & your deepest desires.


Are you ready to shine the beautiful you & design that beautiful life of yours? Are you ready to live, as from today, a Modern Goddess Life with more wellness, balance, freedom & joy?

I’d love to blossom next to you and I would love to hear your story, your challenges & your successes + what are your gifts & talents.

If who I am resonate with you, then join our community on Facebook. Our group is called: My Modern Goddess Life.

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