Invite more wellness, balance, beauty, freedom & joy everyday

Modern Goddess Life is about tapping into the power within as a Modern Woman and guiding you with personalized practices like:

> Crafting your daily rituals to reinforce your self-confidence and inner strength

> Being guided by the Moon cycles to harness its balanced energy

> Creating a yoga routine that uplifts and beautifies your body, mind and life


I’m Joanna

 I help Modern Women with a business, career or passion to make the most of this lifetime as they unfold into their most beautiful versions.

Are you craving for more peace or free time in your current routine? Join me on this transformational journey where we you will:

> Manage anxiety and stress by strengthening confidence and peacefulness through tailor-made daily wellness rituals

> Support your busy life through simple organization to unlock freedom, balance and joy with the Moon Cycles

> Ditch exhaustion and frustration with the positive and relaxing benefits of simple yoga practices

Looking for an exclusive wellness experience? From private yoga sessions to life coaching, book a free consultation today and let’s see on how I can best guide you in designing your Modern Goddess Life 😉


Introducing the Modern Goddess Practices:

Are you feeling anxious and getting easily overwhelmed?

I can guide you on how to create your daily personalized wellness rituals or make them more supportive and empowering so that you can navigate the challenges and transitions of life in a confident and peaceful way.

Are you dreaming of having more free time, joy & balance in your life?

Learn how to manifest your dreams into action with the Moon cycles! Together, we will organize and design a life you love, balancing your business and personal life gracefully.

Are you often tense or do you feel disconnected?

It is time to awaken your tired soul! I can help you nurture your body, mind and heart through Modern Goddess Yoga. It is a programme designed specially for busy and ambitious women like you, to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.

Interested in a personalized coaching program?


Let’s see how I can guide you.

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